Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the spearhead research in technology right now, it is closely linked with artificial intelligence, which in term Machine Learning is an AI capability. Now days people want something that can adapt trough various problem in the world and even predict what is going to happen next, this is achievable trough the use of machine learning. Starting from the smallest scenarios of board games, machine learning have worked it ways up to the medical, economics, and military branch.

Machine learning is a very sophisticated algorithm which enable an AI to learn trough various problems and success for a greater degree of efficiency. And my opinion stands with Machine Learning is something that we need, even though we need to be careful of what we creating. But machine learning will advance science where we haven’t even discovered before.

The application that I purpose is learning the symptoms of a human or biological cell going cancerous, sure we have our own immune system to stop it but, if it’s perfect people shouldn’t have cancer now right? Not only learning how a cell become cancerous, but also knowing how it spread and when. So ultimately we have the data bank to fight cancer and possibly even react to cancerous cell before it even got to break loose.

Jonathan Hosea
Odd Semester 2016/2017
School of Computer Science, Bina Nusantara University

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